AirbagIt's different when we make it

KAB/CABKnee Airbag/Curtain Airbag

It is a part of Knee Airbag and Side Curtain Airbag that fix Gas and Cushion, assembled in car body, it protects passenger`s crucial injury and life in car crash.

Part of Knee Airbag that fixes Gas and Cushion, assembled in bottom part of a car, protects passenger`s knee in car crash.
Part of Side Curtain Airbag that fixes Gas and Cushion, assembled in car`s each window frame part, protects passenger`s life in a car crash.

DABDriving Airbag

Part of Driving Airbag, fix Gas and cushion to Mounting Plate, assembled in driver handle, equipment that protects passenger`s life in car crash.

PABPassenser Airbag

Part of Passenger Airbag, fix Gas and Cushion in Housing, assembled in passenger seat`s dash board, equipment that protects the life of passenger in seat in car crash.