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Seat Belt

Accessory of seat belt equipment that is generally called safety belt, fix, insert in footpad, looses when its use, when car body impacted bondage, fix the Belt, protect passenger`s safety and life, this part does crucial role.

Frame Type
Because of attached belt, this main part holds the belt on impact firmly
Bracket Type
Maintain customer fixed in seat, this is a seat belt-retractor to fix retractor to a seatbelt in car body that possible to withdraw capstan to protect by maintaining passenser fixed in seat in car crash. It extends to the lower part from supporting part that supports retractor, install part that installed in car body integrally, in the center part, fix the body of retractor, in car crash, it unfolds or extends to the upper part and specialized in snapaway formation of crash-cushion part. in car crash, if more than some amount of tension field actions, exhausts snapaway formation or shock power by bracket`s crash cushion part, so passenger can be safely protected by proper amount of tensile force seat belt.
Buckle-Strap Type
When passengers who have a smaller body than the average adult body size such as children sit in car seat and use safety belt, to wear in pelvis not abdomen, this equipment is to be able to control the length to body size, it is the part of a seat belt located in the end of fixed safety belt which is in between the tong and buckle.
Buckle Type
Buckle is the metal part that engages to the other part of retractor when you wear a belt, part for prevented inertia lift car seat belt to prevent belt tong that inserted in buckle equipment effect of inertia acted by pretensioner during a car crash to car seat belt, that holds to belt tong inserted through base frame and inserting slot.
Anchor Plate Type
The part of seat belt equipment for passenger`s safety that can secure the safety by avoid webbing`s spool- out amount of seat belt, clear the link method that fix lock equipment in car crash, this part fixes the band by webbing lock equipment holding a webbing.